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The Skirmisher Vol 1 No 1 Archive

Welcome Patriots, to the first publication of the Sons of the Revolution in the State of Michigan (SRMI) Newsletter, The Skirmisher, on our new interactive Home Page and Website. The purpose of this newsletter is to be a voice for the Michigan Sons of the Revolution: To aquaint the members of SRMI with the current goings on and happenings within the society. Some of you may not be able to attend our regular meetings, luncheons, dinners or other community functions, and this is a way for us to communicate to you, our members and Patriots, and to show you what we as a society are doing, plan to do, or wish we could do. We are only as active and as strong as our member Patriots, so please get involved with your society, do what you can to help perpetuate our ideals and the memories of our ancestors who helped forge this great country.      ✍ Editor

New Home Page and Interactive Website Launched

The Michigan Sons at the recent meeting on 13 July 2013, that took place at the DAR Marshal Chapter owned Governor's Mansion in Marshal, MI decided to vote funding for the creation of a new Home Page and Website and this is that product. We hope you will be pleased and proud of your new home. We would like to thank Don Gradeless for his dedication webmastering our old web page for so many years, Thank you Don! Don also webmasters several other mid-western SR Society Pages (SR Indiana) and works with many other genalogical societies and other groups. For the snowbirds, Don has organized a Winter Encampment in Florida, which many mid-western snowbird Sons enjoy, and we will link any announcements for upcoming winter gatherings in The Skirmisher. 

Throughout the website you will notice some interactive areas that you might find of interest. We have an audio component that consists of several selection done by the Strubridge Colonial Militia Band. This band dresses in uniform and plays period 18th century fife and drum music. We invite you to click on the play arrow and listen where you find it on the various pages. You can change the selection by clicking the right arrow to go forward, or return by clickng the left arrow. We have a members slide show which includes images over the years of our many activities, meetings and luncheons. We have members only section which includes General Society merchandise as well as a SRMI web store (under construction). Which we will be adding to our website at a later date. These items are only available to SR members of good standing and are not available to the general public. Other SR members from other societies are welcomed to purchase our items when we have them available. We intentionally make them SR generic, and they are only available through us. We have a white polo 'Color Guard' short sleeve shirt that can be used with black or dark blue pants and black shoes to make a more modern, and cost effective Color Guard for those who can't afford or desire to wear traditional uniforms. You can see them in our Members Slideshow being wore in our 4th of July Colorguard activities in Richland, MI. All SR Members will need to supply their State and General Society Membership Numbers when ordering merchandise.

Mapquest Driving Directions                                                                                  

Click Below to Play the Strubridge Colonial Militia Band. Right arrow click to change selection.