Officers and Board of Managers  2017-2018



President   Geoffrey A. Hickok

Vice President   Gary L. Gibson

Secretary   Walter E. Hickok

Treasurer   Keith G. Harrison

Registrar   Geoffrey A. Hickok

Historian   Michael B. Culp

Chaplain   James Willoughby

Chancellor   James R. Neal, Esq

Captain of the Color Guard   David E. Miller

General Soc. Representative   LTC (Ret) Max J. Riekse

Rep to Children of the American Revolution   Anders Garner

                                                          BOARD of MANAGERS

Lavern Aves   David H. Eddy   Donald E. Gradeless PhD   Charles O. Harthy   Hon. Donald A. Johnston II  William C. Myers   Gary Thomas   Ronald G. Shull   David S. Smith   Joseph C. Williams