President's Page 

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Thank you for visiting our website. By doing so, you have taken the first step in affiliating with men who deeply appreciate, and honor the struggle of their ancestors for freedom, liberty and independence. It is our sacred responsibility to preserve their deeds and memory and see that the citizens of our nation do not forget.  

The preservation of the history of the American Revolution goes far beyond printing books and erecting monuments. There are numerous books and monuments in honor of General Washington and the various battles fought during the long war, some remembered, some not. There are remembrances of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence. But, it is the common soldier, the father, the brother, the son, who fought the battles, suffered the cold and starvation at Valley Forge, the bitting sting of the freezing sleet and snow while crossing the Delaware River to attack Trenton, and the insufferable heat of the summer at Monmouth. Our ancestors, yours and mine, suffered greatly during their service and were the fire in the forge of liberty, who, through their loyalty and dedication, sweat and blood, produced this great country. We, their progeny, are the monuments to them. We must always remember that we represent them, their cause, and love of freedom and equality in our daily lives and actions. It is up to us to tell their story, to carry the banner of liberty forward. If not us, then who?

We are the Sons of the Revolution. Let us always be worthy of that title.

Yours in Patriotism,

Geoffrey A. Hickok