SRMI Meeting Reports:

A quorum being present, the meeting was called to order at 12:15 PM on 23 March 2013, at Sam’s Joint Plainwell, Michigan.  Those present: Gary Gibson, Geoffrey Hickok, Mike Culp, Charles Haughey, Gary Thomas and new incoming member David Smith. We were also graced by the presence of the wife’s of Gary Gibson and Charles Haughey. 

The minutes were read and approved.

The Treasurer Keith Harrison was absent and his report on the financial status of the society was given by President Gary Gibson. The Treasurers Report was read and Motioned approved by Patriot Culp, Seconded by G. Hickok. The Treasurer suggested that some non paying members be dropped and juniors who had designated Life Membership accounts be transferred to the general fund, as they were arrears in membership payments. Some discussion arose and motions were given to table until the next meeting and make further contact with these members via email and phone.

The Registrar, Geoffrey Hickok had three applications for approval for membership in the society, MISR# 251 Paul Christopher Thomas, son of Gary Thomas; MISR# 252 Thomas Earl Doty and MISR# 253 David Scott Smith they were approved. A Supplemental Ancestor, Jeremiah Dally, was approved for Patriot Gary Thomas, the first to use a Three Generational Supplemental Ancestor Short Form fabricated by Registrar Hickok. David Smith being present, President Gary Gibson pinned his rosette and welcomed him along with Registrar Hickok and those members present to our society. Some discussion arose regarding the disapproval of Lt Coln Riekse’s Supplemental Ancestor Form, and qualifications for acceptability were explained by the Registrar.

The Secretary’s Report, given by Secretary Geoffrey Hickok was read and approved with some minor additions and corrections. To wit: we were at Sam’s Joint not Sam Club for lunch.

Old Business: Historian Mike Culp reported that some extra items of historical note have been donated to the WMU Archives held on the East Campus Archive Library. 

New Business:

Secretary Geoffrey Hickok presented a packet sent to him by General Society Rep. LTC (Ret) Max Riekse on the past GSSR 41st Triennial Meeting (2009-2012) in Savanna, GA. The Michigan Society had won the Traveling Banner Award for the Highest Percentage in Membership. This was the second time the Michigan Society had won this award in the past four Triennials. The materials were offered for perusal to those interested members present.

The President, Gary Gibson announced that the summer meeting would be held at the Governor’s Mansion in Marshal, MI. The date and time to be announced when it was confirmed with the DAR Chapter in Marshal.

Registrar Hickok presented his Three Generational Supplemental Ancestor Short Form he fabricated and explained it to the membership. It is to be used in conjunction with the originally approved and documented membership application, if the supplemental ancestor is within three generations. That is to say, up to the grandfather from any of the documented original membership application lineage. Registrar Hickok explained that the General Society does not presently have a Supplemental Ancestor Form of any kind, and this form greatly decreases redundancy and improves efficiency. The form was approved for use by the Michigan Society. Motioned by the Registrar for usage by the Michigan Society, Gary Gibson Approved, Seconded by Mike Culp. The motion was adopted.

The idea of a joint fund raiser among DAR SAR CAR and SR was put forth by G. Hickok  and discussed. It was decided that the feasibility would be investigated.

The Meeting was adj. at 1:07 pm for lunch by Gary Gibson, Seconded by Charles Haughey. 

Respectfully Submitted.                                                                             

Geoffrey Alan Hickok                                                                       Secretary SRMI                                                                                         13 July 2013